System Selection - Platt & Hill Limited
Platt & Hill Limited, an independent company, specialising in the manufacture of products primarily for the furniture trade, commissioned us to select a replacement for their existing ERP system.More Info

IT Strategy & Systems Selection - Ferranti Technologies Limited
Ferranti Technologies Limited, a world-class supplier of electronic, electrical and electro-mechanical equipment, commissioned us to undertake an IT Strategy Study, followed by a Systems Selection.More Info

IT Strategy - a Stately Home
This 18th Century stately home is now run by a Trust. We were commissioned to produce an IT Strategy to enable evolution from a series of separate systems to an integrated suite of systems.More Info

Selection of Software Developer - Dyson Insulations Limited
Dyson Insulations Limited, which specialises in cavity wall and roof insulation, and home heating systems, commissioned us to select a software developer to develop new applications systems.More Info

Other Areas where we can help

In addition to the projects described in this web-site, there are certain other areas of advice, mainly, but not exclusively, relating to IT systems, where we can help, and which may arise before, during, or after the project. These include:

- Resolving Conflict. Our consultants have considerable experience at being called in to 'sort out' computer systems that have not worked in the manner that the client expected. Commonly this is due to a fundamental mis-understanding between the supplier and the purchaser as to what was required and what was being supplied. Our understanding of both the business and technical issues involved enables us to assist the client towards a reasonable solution of the problem. If required, we are prepared to act as expert witnesses in such cases;

- Part-Time Management. Sometimes companies require someone technically competent to keep a watchful eye on their computer systems and to provide occasional advice when required. We are happy to undertake this role and, in some cases, have spent as little as one day per month, once the system was running smoothly

- IT 'Guru'. Companies sometimes require an outside expert to discuss business issues with, where computer systems are involved. We do undertake this work, from our own team of consultants, and can call on other experts if specific, narrow, fields of knowledge are involved;

- Business Continuity / Contingency and Disaster Planning. The whole area of Business Continuity is not as well considered as would be sensible. We can advise on many aspects of this topic from risk analysis to developing detailed disaster and contingency plans for most parts of the organisation, whether computer-related or not;

- Computer Effectiveness. We can look at your current use of IT systems and identify where your system is not meeting your business needs, and recommend improvements, with an indication of likely costs;

- Staff Appraisal. We can undertake a technical appraisal of your technical IT staff and provide an assessment of their capabilities. If required, we can bring in support, from a specialist Human Resources company, to undertake psychological profiling, and other tests to provide a more detailed picture;

- Recruitment. We are not a recruitment agency. We do, however, have contact with many agencies, and are happy to assist you in identifying and recruiting suitable staff. We are also willing to undertake technical interviews of potential recruits;

- IT Awareness. We are happy to take part in presentations to company staff on IT matters, as part of a programme of boosting internal awareness of IT;

- Mentoring. We have mentored a number of senior IT staff who have moved into roles with which they are not, entirely, familiar;

- Due diligence. We have undertaken the IT elements of the due diligence process for investors considering an acquisition;

- Interim Management. We have undertaken a number of interim management roles including IT Director, IT Manager, Programme Manager, and Project Manager.