System Selection - Platt & Hill Limited
Platt & Hill Limited, an independent company, specialising in the manufacture of products primarily for the furniture trade, commissioned us to select a replacement for their existing ERP system.More Info

IT Strategy & Systems Selection - Ferranti Technologies Limited
Ferranti Technologies Limited, a world-class supplier of electronic, electrical and electro-mechanical equipment, commissioned us to undertake an IT Strategy Study, followed by a Systems Selection.More Info

IT Strategy - a Stately Home
This 18th Century stately home is now run by a Trust. We were commissioned to produce an IT Strategy to enable evolution from a series of separate systems to an integrated suite of systems.More Info

Selection of Software Developer - Dyson Insulations Limited
Dyson Insulations Limited, which specialises in cavity wall and roof insulation, and home heating systems, commissioned us to select a software developer to develop new applications systems.More Info

Privacy Policy

This will be expanded shortly.

Our policy is that the only personal details which we hold are those which enable us to contact people at their place of work, so will include name, position, organisation, contact address, telephone number(s), fax number(s), and e-mail address(es). We will not, normally, hold any home contact information unless the client specifically requests us to do so and will be happy to replace that information if alternative contact details are provided.

The information, which we hold, will be used for maintaining contact with the person concerned, and providing information to them. It will not be provided to third parties except if that third party is undertaking work for us, such as a customer satisfaction survey or an e-mail campaign. In such cases we will require the third party to use the information solely for our purposes, and to delete it at the end of the work.