System Selection - Platt & Hill Limited
Platt & Hill Limited, an independent company, specialising in the manufacture of products primarily for the furniture trade, commissioned us to select a replacement for their existing ERP system.More Info

IT Strategy & Systems Selection - Ferranti Technologies Limited
Ferranti Technologies Limited, a world-class supplier of electronic, electrical and electro-mechanical equipment, commissioned us to undertake an IT Strategy Study, followed by a Systems Selection.More Info

IT Strategy - a Stately Home
This 18th Century stately home is now run by a Trust. We were commissioned to produce an IT Strategy to enable evolution from a series of separate systems to an integrated suite of systems.More Info

Selection of Software Developer - Dyson Insulations Limited
Dyson Insulations Limited, which specialises in cavity wall and roof insulation, and home heating systems, commissioned us to select a software developer to develop new applications systems.More Info

System Selection - Textiles

System Selection - Textiles
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About the Client

The details have been sent to the client for review, amendment, and, hopefully, agreement.

The Situation

About 20 years ago, the company acquired an HP system running a mixture of systems, primarily built around HP’s then in-house accounting package and a Sales Order Processing system. These had been enhanced by the use of systems developed using Cognos PowerHouse. Subsequently, the company supported and enhanced the existing systems, whilst stand-alone systems also appeared in various parts of the company.

In 2001, HP announced that they were phasing out manufacturing and support for the HP 3000 and were not providing a guaranteed migration route. Before manufacturing ceased, the company bought one of the last systems to be built, and this served the company well. When, several years later, it was announced that maintenance support would cease, at a set date in the future, the company decided to use the intervening period to select replacement systems so that it could transfer at its own pace, not one dictated by outside constraints.

The Work Undertaken

We undertook an assignment, to identify the most suitable system, comprising:

  • production of a summary of the requirements for correction or agreement;

  • production of a statement of requirements / invitation to tender;

  • invitation of tenders from a number of potential suppliers;

  • evaluating the tenders and agreeing a short list of two or three suppliers;

  • arranging detailed discussions, with each of these suppliers, including demonstrations of their systems;

  • agreeing the final choice, and advising on items which should be included in the contract, although not on the adequacy of the legal wording;